Aries Couples Horoscope

Your sign seeks relationships that give you extreme independence, especially as 2021 opens up the first week of the year with Mars still firing through your sign of the Ram until January 6. You might find yourself in a non-conventional romantic connection, or at least flirting with the idea. Those who have been in long-term relationships might look for a little more freedom in certain respects whether it's opening up your mind to new possibilities, or even developing new hobbies that connect you to a wider group of friends that can feel like your soul tribe.

The presence of Saturn in Aquarius can make for some very funny stories, and even allow you to feel more free-spirited. This can add some carefree energy that is quite invigorating for your passions. Partnerships might even consider becoming more open or polygamous in general via these influences. Other partnered Aries might just flip the other way, and a once roaming Ram can find themselves completely happy in a very conventionally committed relationship.

Fires are burning between you and your love under the May 26 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that can take you and your loved one to the next level! The annular solar eclipse on June 10 also adds a bit of joy to your life, and can even be a fruitful time for those looking to expand their family. This energy also reflects through the November 19 partial lunar eclipse in earthy Taurus, setting a gridline in your realm of marriage and commitment. The December 4 Sagittarian total solar eclipse also adds flashes of inspiration and can be a major creative cycle for those coupled Aries to feel truly loved and adored!