Pisces Couples Horoscope

It's a sweet year for couples with Jupiter in partner-oriented Libra. Enjoy good times out and also intimately at home. Don't try to outdo one another with kindness and generosity, though. You know what's satisfying and enough. Bonus treats or gifts may be hard to resist from time to time.

Venus is retrograde in March and early April. It starts with the planet in fiery Aries but ends in Pisces. However upset or neglected either of you feel in March, by April your hearts will be back on track, closer than before.

When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, relationships get more serious. Your domestic life may address more serious issues, and you may not be totally comfortable talking and dealing with it all. Still, any hesitance and secrecy aside, relationships will benefit from this.

When the Sun enters Pisces, the Moon will be in the late degrees of Scorpio. You know how important integrity and devotion are when it comes to love.

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