October 2021 - With so many planets spinning in Libra, October brings a major focus on how we’re progressing in our relationships.

At the onset of the month, the sun, Mercury, and Mars are energizing this cardinal air sign. Our cosmic messenger, however, will be fast asleep, backtracking in this realm of the sky until October 18. Because of this, we could feel the Mercury retrograde transit most intensely until then but still be sorting out the post-shadow phase until early November. Mercury retrograde in Libra causes confusion, miscommunication, and missed connections in business or romantic partnerships. Commitments previously made on a rocky foundation could likely unravel at this time.

However, because of the new moon in Libra that takes place on the sixth, we’re offered the opportunity to look at our relationships in a new light and potentially move them in a better direction. But it would be wise not to make any vital decisions or sign any contracts until the very end of the month. The sun continues in Libra until October 22.

Glamorous Venus starts the month in passionate Scorpio, where she brings depth and sensuality to our relationships and intensity to our unions.

On the seventh, our goddess planet turns a corner and glows in Sagittarius for the rest of the month. During this period, we crave more adventure and spontaneity in our relationships. An optimistic and joyous energy fills our hearts as we pray for new experiences. This would be an auspicious period in which to travel with a partner or, if single, date someone from a background or culture that differs from yours.

Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter awaken this month too. Pluto, arising on October 6, continues to bring its seething power to the mountaintops of Capricorn and transform global business and political structures in the months ahead. Saturn turns direct on the tenth, with Jupiter following seven days later. Both of these planets are orbiting in the skies of Aquarius, helping science, technology, and human rights to evolve.

A full moon in Aries crackles on the night of October 20. This lunation brings a major focus to our individuality and how authentic we are with others. We desire to be the master of our destiny, and we could see a major personal victory depending on how each of us has been building toward it in the past six months.

As we creep toward the end of the month, the blazing sun becomes submerged in Scorpio beginning on the twenty-second, with fiery Mars following behind eight days later. In the weeks ahead, our shadow selves will rise from the depths as we crave to unleash our rapture. We demand all or nothing when it comes to our desires, which can help us reach them but also put us in the crossfire with those who don’t see eye to eye with us. While October is certainly an important step in our 2021 storybook, November will be even more intense. Lie low while you can.

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Revive your love. Make this the year your love grows with a psychic love reading.

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