April 2021 - April calls, encouraging us to soar to new horizons and begin fresh journeys. With all of our planets direct for the vast majority of the month, this means that we will have a greater opportunity to seize the day rather than be riddled with retrograde challenges. While the planets will still cross swords at times this month, these may end up just being hiccups in the grand scheme of things.

With the sun in fiery Aries at the onset of the month, we’re charging ahead into spring. The new moon on April 11 is the moment that unlocks this blazing energy into our lives like a racehorse breaking out of the gate, bringing us a shot of adrenaline to pursue whatever makes us happy. This is an excellent moment to embark upon new initiatives, set goals, and go forth to create the life of our dreams.

Venus, goddess of pleasure, casts a love spell over us as she soars across the sky like a shooting star from the fourteenth on. Moving into Taurus, she inspires us to pursue our sensual, creative, and romantic sides. Hedonism reigns. Financial luck can be magnetized to us in the weeks ahead, and we may feel as if we have the Midas touch. The sun joins her here on April 19, ushering us into the true bloom of the spring season. We must consider how we can make our lives flourish like a garden.

Powerhouse Mars trades zodiac signs this month too, deciding to get deep in the tide pools of Cancer beginning on the twenty-third. He will heat up these watery shores, making our emotions sizzle and steam. This will encourage us to get a handle on our sense of emotional stability in the weeks ahead, but it could make us more combative regarding how we feel and more defensive when faced with conflict. Domestic matters will be of utmost concern.

As the month inches toward its close, a full moon in Scorpio swirls like a phantom and then rises up into the night on April 26. This lunation encourages us to embrace our shadow side and be true about our innermost needs, hungers, and desires. Intimate relations become deeply important now and we want to unite with another, body and soul.

Last to note in April is that Pluto, our god of the underworld, officially sets course back toward the river Styx as he retrogrades in Capricorn beginning on the twenty-seventh. This sets us on a course in the months ahead to understand how we must transform the structures in our lives, especially regarding our ambitions, professional work, and the impact we leave on the world. Use this energy to turn within and be reborn.

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