June 2019 - As the month begins, you’re making solid progress in your relationships, losing darker fears and perceptions to recognize the very real support in your life. The new moon on June 3 is drawing you further into a financial, sexual, or personal commitment. You’re not powerless. Become aware of your patterns, values, and desires and you can make conscious choices.

As Mars opposes Saturn on the fourteenth, you’re gaining a fresh perspective on a situation, perhaps a legal matter. Avoid arguing for your limitations.

By June 17, the full moon in Sagittarius brings to light issues surrounding your self-worth, income, and involvements. Avoid power struggles. You’re free, and there is no wrong choice. Have faith in your most optimistic vision, and rise above darker perceptions. This is a chance for some reevaluation, allowing you to invest in commitments that align with your values and long-term goals.

The sun enters Cancer on the twenty-first, bringing you a fresh perspective. As the month ends, unexpected developments are pushing you further along your journey to the top. Above all, have faith in yourself as you step into the light.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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