April 2021 - With might Mars heating up a fellow air sign throughout much of the month, you’re feeling magnetic, sexy, and on fire, Libra. This may also see you focused on a significant media, academic, or international matter. The red planet can ignite your professional life like you’re the star at the center of a stadium from April 23 on. Prepare to be quite busy as well as see your name in lights. Hustle hard and look to make immense progress. If you’re out of work, you’re especially favored in the weeks ahead.

Beyond this, April is showcasing a major period that’s all about your relationships. The sun and new moon unite on the eleventh, helping single Libras find someone with long-term potential or coupled ones make important plans. This is an auspicious time for union, and some Libras could be discussing moving in, getting engaged, or even marrying.

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Shortly thereafter, the sun, Venus, and Mercury move into your solar eighth house of intimacy, giving you the urge to merge ever closer. You will be quite interested in analyzing the give and take in your relationships and if you’re getting everything you require. It’s important to openly discuss these matters rather than run away from them because of a fear of intimacy or past trauma. Be confident that you deserve the best union ever.

April draws to a close with a full moon on April 26 that highlights your financial life. This lunation is likely to bring money into your thoughts and could even bring a surprise raise or new job offer—or a shocking expense.

Standout days: 10, 15, 18
Challenging days: 11, 22, 30

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