April 2021 - You are a productive machine as of late, Capricorn! As mighty Mars ignites your solar sixth house of work and exercise, you’re charging forward with the energy of a cannon. This will continue for most of the month, until April 23 to be exact. On that date, the red planet sizzles into your solar seventh house of partnership, making your relationships your top priority. Embrace this exciting time in the weeks ahead.

Beyond this, April is filled with other astrological news. The sun, Mercury, Venus, and new moon fall in your solar fourth house of domesticity for most of the early part of the month. The days after the eleventh could bring the impetus to fix up your living space, move, or tend to a family-related issue.

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However, when many of the stars start to migrate toward your solar fifth house of pleasure, you’ll be ready to focus on your heart’s desires. The sun officially enters this sphere on April 19, ensuring that romance, creativity, and fertility sparkle for you. Like fleets of cherubs raining arrows of love down from above, you’ll be ready to open your spirit to let the right person in. Single Capricorns should make dating a top priority, whereas committed ones may be able to reignite their spark hotter than ever before!

The month ends with a full moon in your solar eleventh house on the twenty-sixth, likely bringing an important milestone concerning your social life. A mysterious and alluring event or an opportunity to grow your network both personally and professionally may come your way.

Standout days: 2, 39, 30
Challenging days: 11, 24, 25

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Revive your love. Make this the year your love grows with a psychic love reading.

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