Dating a bull? Pay attention to this...

Dating a bull? Pay attention to this...

As a rule, Taurus is reliable, dependable, and set in their ways. When things are going well, you shouldn't have much question about it.

But there are some clear signs things are heading in a bad direction. These signs indicate there could be trouble in paradise!

Breaks routine Fixed Taurus is fond of the familiar. A sudden change could indicate a problem.
Ignores grooming Taurus has a refined aesthetic sense, always taking care to look sharp. Growing suddenly lax is a signal that something's up.
Loses the mojo Taurus is a passionate, sensual lover. If the lovemaking seems ho-hum, their attention could be elsewhere.
Leaves projects undone Stubborn Taurus sees things through to the end. This could be the biggest red flag of all!

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