Hottest destinations for Scorpios...

Hottest destinations for Scorpios...

Tired of the same vacation spot? That's understandable, Scorpio's curiosity would need to be satisfied with a new and different adventure almost every time vacation comes around. So grab your passport and let's go!

Bali, Indonesia - This island destination would be perfect for you. All those beautiful, serene beaches, temples and the spiritual way of life will soothe your idealist soul.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Do you like to dance? You better if you're going to Rio. This lively and colorful city packed with fun peeps will definitely appeal to your sensuous nature.

Tulum, Mexico - There isn't much here but you won't need anything at all once the Mexican Caribbean crystal sea revives and regenerates your Water Sign being.

Istanbul, Turkey - Getting lost in the streets of one of the capitals with the most history, art, and culture in the whole world will definitely make you feel like the coolest detective of ancient and modern times.

Greek Islands - You like the idea of island hoping because water is your element, but you also like to do it in-style. The Greek Islands are beautiful and private, just the way you like things to be!

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