Thanks, but no thanks – 3 gifts NOT to give a Libra...

Thanks, but no thanks – 3 gifts NOT to give a Libra...

Libras appreciate every beautifully wrapped gift received... that is, until we find out what’s inside. Sometimes, a gift can totally miss the mark. Lucky for you, your Libra is probably too polite to show their true feelings, but unlucky for Libra, if they receive one of these, they’ll be feeling very awkward as they muster up a believable “thank you.”

1. A box set of a violent show they’ve never showed interest in. You might think the blood, shock, and awe make that TV series enthralling... but a Libra will probably find it appalling.
2. Tickets to a heavy metal concert. It’s not that a Libra can’t appreciate music – they totally do, but if you put them in the middle of a loud crowd with singer who shouts the words you can’t understand (or don’t want to), a Libra will feel on edge.
3. A board game that’s all about competition and being offensive. Without naming names, there are certain games Libras don’t want in their collection... stick with Apples to Apples instead.

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