Pure magic is in store for you in 2017, Pisces!

Posted by Dalia Fisher
Pure magic is in store for you in 2017, Pisces!

Should you get excited, Fish?! Yes, you should! The yearly horoscopes are out and I have all the scoop for you. Below are the things you should know about for the year ahead:

• Throughout the entire year, Pisces get special love from the stars, creating a cloud of pure and magical golden dust around you.
• Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter will be sending you blessings. All you need to do is come down to earth occasionally, and when you do, rewards will follow.
• Jupiter in Libra is ultra-positive for Pisces already in relationships. Already a very devoted partner, you don’t even need to worry about making your partner happy all the time, just relax into the relationship.
For single Pisces, it is important to pursue prospects and try to make them happy but don’t spend too much energy or money on someone.
• Your career and finances are under serious focus this year, especially once Jupiter enters watery pal Scorpio; when a partnership or business could become more solid.

Read the whole forecast here.

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