2017 lights up your inner fire, Leo!

Posted by Liona Shiner
2017 lights up your inner fire, Leo!

The new year is almost here! Leo is always ready for the next punch, and this year, it will be quite a good one for us. Below is all the scoop and then you can read a full forecast for what Leo natives can expect:

Fiery is the main word to describe your year. Yes, give it your all, but believe it or not, knowing when to relax will be golden. There is only one thing that can limit you… yourself.
• Leos will be profoundly touched by this year’s Eclipses. Some of your main relationships might be affected but you will have the smarts and sensitivity to deal with them all.
If you are single and looking, magical connections are at your fingertips.
If you are already have a partner, you and your partner might grow closer by the end of the year.
Career and money are highlighted for you this year. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded, just don’t expect it to happen instantly!

Read the whole forecast here.

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