The 10 reasons why Sag is the coolest sign…

The 10 reasons why Sag is the coolest sign…

How much do you love being a Sagittarius? I love my sign, and here are the top reasons why:

1. We are passionate and expressive about our beliefs.
2. We make the best partners. As lovers, we are laid back, playful and fun!
3. We are language gurus. All those trips and foreign flings have helped our language skills.
4. We are adaptable folks and fit in at every kind of event people invite us to.
5. Our killer sense of humor can help lighten up even the most obscure of situations.
6. We are worldly. Well-traveled for us doesn't only mean physically, but mentally and spiritually.
7. We are the most optimistic sign, always looking at the bright side of things.
8. Unlike most people, we love change because we know it's one of life's essential components.
9. As deeper thinkers, we are intellectual. We're the sign of the philosopher.
10. As the most inquisitive and curious sign, we come up with our own conclusions and not the ones from the herd.

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