Know what to expect with your 2017 forecast, Gemini...

Know what to expect with your 2017 forecast, Gemini...

OK, get's what Geminis can expect in 2017. (for your entire horoscope, I put a link below. Much more detail there!)

• You have great ideas, but won’t get very far unless you share them. Communicate them to people who can help you succeed and you very likely will succeed, big time!
• You’ll be more practical this year (or should be), so focus on realistic goals and limit your pursuits to a few key ideas. Try to do too much will lead to a bunch of unfinished projects. A few efforts will be more manageable. Quality over quantity, Gem!
• Those in relationships should have any serious talks this year, so if you’re thinking about a new home together, making a formal commitment, having a child, etc. – now’s the time to have an honest chat about what you both really want and can manage.
• Singles who are looking need to be pickier this year, because there are a lot of prospects but only a few with real potential.

Read the whole forecast here.

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