5 gifts that are sure to please an Aquarius...

5 gifts that are sure to please an Aquarius...

Aquarius is such a unique, independent sign that they can be hard to shop for. But for all their selfless acts, they deserve to be totally spoiled! I scoured the web for gifts I, an Aquarius through and through, would most want to receive. Here are five things to consider (and where to get them)...

Smartphone Projector 2 ($38.95 or less on sale)
Imagine if you could project a movie with your smartphone. No more limitations for movie fanatic Aquarians! It is now possible - we are living in the age of Aquarius, after all. Buy it on Amazon.

Numerology Jewelry ($28 - 38)
Give your Aquarius luck when they wear their lucky number in jewelry form. Find out their Soul Number (there's a calculator on the website - click the link provided here), or if they have another favorite number, that works, too! Shop the Numerology Collection at ALEX AND ANI.

Zara Metallic Fine Pleated Skirt ($69.90)
Fashion-forward Aquarius will turn every head with this metallic pleater skirt. Not that they even care! Dress it down with a jersey and sneakers or dress it up with heals and a non-pattern top. Get it at Zara.

Amethyst Crystal Candle ($28)
This is a great gift for February-born Aquarius. The amethyst inside this soy candle has a calming effect, as does the scent of lemon lavender vanilla. The candle burns for a long time, about 85 hours, and then you have the keepsake gemstone to keep. Buy it on Amazon.

Scribbles & Doodles: A Coloring Journal ($12.99 or less on sale)
Give your Aquarius some art therapy with this stress-relieving adult coloring book/journal! Buy it on Amazon.

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