5 gifts to give the special Cancer in your life...

5 gifts to give the special Cancer in your life...

Sweet Crabs are usually the ones doting on others and giving so much without expecting much, if anything, in return. That's why they deserve to be spoiled rotten, on holidays or any old day! Here are five suggestions that satisfy a Cancer's sensitive, kind-hearted, domestic, and deeply intuitive nature...

Half Moon Necklace, pictured ($60)
Ruled by the Moon's cycles, the intuitive and tenacious Cancerian woman likes to stand out from the crowd. This half-Moon lava pigment and dip-dyed gold necklace does that, plus keeps her in-tune with her feminine and artsy side. Buy it on Fab.

Moon Phase Yoga Mat ($75)
Yogastrology for the Moonchild. Any avid yogini can now toss that yoga towel. This phases-of-the-Moon mat is non-slip, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Shavasana was never so relaxing and green. Buy it on Amazon.

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit ($39.83)
Sushi and movie night becomes way more cozy when you can do both at home. This is not only a present for Crabs but for everyone else they nurture with their awesome cooking abilities. It's a win-win! Buy it on Amazon.

Custom-Designed Teddy Bear ($16.98 and up)
Comfort someone with a custom-designed teddy bear or another plush friend. Design one at 800 Bear.

Bloodstone Crystal Candle ($28)
A gift with healing powers? Cancers would love this soy candle helps bring you strength and helps lift your mood. It lasts a long time, about 85 hours, and then you have a bloodstone to keep forever. Buy it on Amazon.

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