Our astrologers debunk the 13th sign myth...

Our astrologers debunk the 13th sign myth...

Lately, social media is abuzz with claims that cosmic changes actually make the traditional 12-sign Zodiac incorrect... and that there's a 13th sign in between Scorpio and Sagittarius, basically changing most people's signs to the one before it.

Not true, say our astrologers and the rest of the mainstream astrology community. Here's what one of our most popular astrologers, Alyson Mead has to say...
1. I don't think NASA is qualified to talk about signs, no offense meant. ;)
2. This "correction" felt to me very much like the correction Vedic astrology accounts for.
3. Our Western system of astrology was codified centuries ago, based on what they knew, and it still works.
4. There are also angles, aspects, transits and other things to get more and more specific in our existing system.
5. So, no. I don't think there's a 13th sign. I think things like Leap Year and our other little adjustments make up for that.
6. Two kinds of Sagittarius? It's my birth sign. I don't think so. And poor Scorpio, only getting 7 days.
7. I don't understand why the increments of time aren't more standard, or at least closer, since constellations appear according to the Lunar Cycle.
8. Also, NASA never does say what the qualities of Ophiuchus (the "new" sign) are.
9. Also, Ophiuchus? That sounds like a monster.

So, relax. You are a Capricorn, always will be!

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