This is the one thing Capricorns regret most...

This is the one thing Capricorns regret most...

Ever wonder what you’d feel saddest about if you suddenly found out you only have one more day to live? That would be the big regret about what you didn’t do in life... and chances are, it has to do with risks you never took.

There’s a saying: “It’s better to do something stupid and feel silly than never do it and wonder what could have been.” OK, the real saying is more eloquent, but my point is that you should try more things, even if you might fail, be embarrassed, or find out it’s not your cup of tea.

Fact is, a lot of Capricorns are so intent to stay in a safe, secure position that they refuse to venture out of their comfort zones. They end up cranky and disappointed. So, break that hard-wired habit today. Be bolder. Life can be very short, but it’s so sweet if you really embrace each moment!

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