Signs a Libra is being unfaithful

Signs a Libra is being unfaithful

A Libra won’t cheat – unless they feel you’re treating them unfairly in the relationship and temptation crosses their path too many times. So, if your Libra starts doing these things, it’s possible they are straying from you...

1. They no longer take your side.
2. They don’t want to go out and socialize with you as much – they spend more time with their own friends.
3. They get closed off, defensive, and secretive.
4. They are always texting, and they don’t tell you want it’s about or who they are interacting with.
5. They start to dress or do their hair in a much different style that doesn’t seem like them.
6. Their taste in music and food changes drastically. Especially if they suddenly are really into sexy, romantic music.

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