Five things all Leo natives excel at...

Five things all Leo natives excel at...

Lions have so many qualities to brag about it is hard to pick. When I think about our sign, I am especially proud of the following five:

1. Helping others without expecting something in return is one of our biggest skills. We do it from the heart because that's who we are.
2. We are the best at making others feel better by always carrying an incredibly contagious smile on our face.
3. We bring warmth - No other sign can lift the mood of any party, get-together or work project like Leos do, and we do it effortlessly.
4. We are optimistic - As the happy go lucky sign, we don't let life's nuances or negative people bring us down.
5. We form strong bonds - We love people and people love us. The friendships we make are forever and resentment or anger is never a part of the equation.

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