Are you living life through your phone, Leo?

Are you living life through your phone, Leo?

I went on a date last night and for the first time ever, my date called me out on constantly looking at my phone. OMG… When I got home I spent some time thinking about it and realized that when I hang out with my friends I do the same thing: be on my phone most of the time.

Most Leos suffer from Nomophobia, the fear of not being on your phone at all times. Yikes. The reason why is that Leos are social (and popular) cats. We need that constant connection to our surroundings. And of course, we also need to know who retweeted us or liked our last Instagram post.

Life is too short, Leo! Your Facebook friends aren’t going anywhere. And all your timelines will be there for you to scroll down after you are done with your date!

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