Three types of love interests that are not for you

Three types of love interests that are not for you

Love, love, love… So much to say and write about it. That’s because it’s complicated! Pisces is a sign that gets deep in relationships. If someone is not good for us, it’s better to end it right away in order to avoid pain. These are the types we should avoid dating:

The player type: These are very easy to spot. Don’t feel bad about stalking them on social media. If for some reason they don’t let you follow them, something for sure smells fishy!

The superficial in disguise: If they check all the boxes, but you still don’t know their life ideals or haven’t had a deep conversation after a few month of dating… That means you never will.

The unstable artist: It’s easy for us to feel attracted to this type until we find out their thing is couch surfing or always being depressed. Feel free to walk away.

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