Avoid these big stress-inducing situations, Virgo!

Avoid these big stress-inducing situations, Virgo!

Because Virgo is such a thoughtful, intelligent sign, we also tend to get stressed out easily... but certain scenarios result in the highest anxiety. These are our top stressors that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Lack of direction. If there aren’t at least some rules and regulations, we get very stressed out. We need a certain level of order so we can narrow down our priorities.
2. Messes. From a cluttered home to a dirty, polluted alley, we can’t deal!
3. All eyes on us. We freak out if our every move is under critical surveillance, so no starring roles or big public speeches, please!
4. Bullying. No one likes this one, but even witnessing rude behavior can cause our blood pressure to soar and our hearts to race.

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