How each Moon could set you on or off…

How each Moon could set you on or off…

The Moon affects each sign, and Sags can’t escape from this situation either. Depending on its position, you might feel a certain way. When the Moon is in…

Aries: You are a like a fireball running around.
Taurus: You might feel, think and move very slow.
Gemini: You are too smart for your own good!
Cancer: You get melancholic, possibly about your past.
Leo: You walk every path feeling like a charming queen or king.
Virgo: You get very picky about the details. Are you losing your mind?
Libra: You visualize yourself riding a white horse galloping towards the horizon.
Scorpio: Your mysterious side comes out to play, and it’s fascinating!
Sagittarius: You might just buy a ticket to Timbuktu, one way.
Capricorn: You want all those things you never cared about.
Aquarius: You feel like you could save the world. You are a mastermind!
Pisces: You didn’t lose your mojo, it’s just on a break.

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