Ways Aquarians can become more loved and respected...

Ways Aquarians can become more loved and respected...

Have your eccentric, introspective ways built a wall between you and those around you? Chances are, you might feel like the odd one out, or that others just don’t give you the respect and attention you deserve. If you want to boost your reputation, there are simple things you can do, starting now!

1. Ask someone you want to get to know better out for coffee, lunch, a short walk, etc.
2. Compliment at least 1 person on something each day, from their sweater to their presentation at work.
3. Ask for someone’s opinion or help. Make their contribution feel valued.
4. Express your positive emotions more often. Even just saying, “Thank you” can do a lot to make someone like you more.
5. Give credit where it is due. There are very few circumstances where one person can take 100 percent of the credit, so point out/thank others who are involved in a successful venture.

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