Need wings? Call on your sign’s angel, Sag

Need wings? Call on your sign’s angel, Sag

Do you believe in angels? If you do, you’re already in luck. If you don’t, you should. Maybe you remember someone watching over you or bringing you peace. That is your guardian angel, known as Advachiel and Adnachiel.

As the ruler of Sagittarius, Advachiel is the angel of adventure, independence, peace, optimism and harmony. When you feel constrained and feel the need to expand your horizons, Advachiel can lend you those wings.

To invoke Advachiel's motivating and empowering presence, write down the places, ideas or things you want to explore, the changes you want to see in your surroundings, or the truth you are seeking in your life. When Advachiel is with you, you will know it because you will feel a peaceful presence. It might not happen right away, but your angel will hear your prayer.

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