Still in love with an ex? Get them back, Gemini!

Still in love with an ex? Get them back, Gemini!

If you want your ex back, you need to get back to your roots. Your relationship’s foundation, that is. Why did you get together in the first place? Refresh your ex’s memory by doing these...

Listen carefully. React kindly. Chances are, you talked over your ex and they didn’t feel like you listened enough. Or, you listened and reacted in a way that was hurtful. Be careful to go into all communications with respect and compassion.

Give them a thrill. They love your spontaneity. Make sure you don’t become boring or that your adventures don’t exclude them.

Sweet surprises. They need to know that with all the things racing through your mind and all your activities, you are still foremost in their head and heart. Remind them with trinkets, texts, and making time for them.

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