Lost your soul mate, Libra? Win them back!

Lost your soul mate, Libra? Win them back!

Longing for a second shot at love with an ex? If any sign can do it, you certainly have the best shot at love the second time around, Libra! Here’s what to do...

Go natural. If your morning routine and other rituals were considered high maintenance, even vain, it’s time to look at them more than the mirror or selfie.

Take their side. You are already a great listener, but did you play devil’s advocate when they complained about something when you were together? Did you give advice all the time? Maybe they just want to be heard and that you care for them.

Keep it intimate. If your other plans and other friends got in the way, it’s time to show them that they are at the top of your priorities and that you can enjoy one-on-one dates over group ones.

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