15 items the always-ready-to-go Sag woman can't miss…

15 items the always-ready-to-go Sag woman can't miss…

Sagittarius females are the most practical ladies when it comes to fashion. We are active and always need to be ready to go but at the same time, we still want to look good. Our fashion sense needs to keep up with our lifestyle. These are the pieces that you must have:

1. A short black leather jacket.
2. A pair of canvas sneakers.
3. A blanket scarf.
4. A foldable hat.
5. A burgundy backpack.
6. A black beanie.
7. A one-piece black bathing suit.
8. A pair of stretchy dark blue jeans.
9. A navy blue jumpsuit.
10. A leather passport case.
11. A purple fitted dress for every occasion.
12. An iPad leather purse.
13. An oversized gray blazer.
14. A print black-and-white skirt.
15. A pair of turquoise studs (will lift any outfit).

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