These are a Capricorn’s biggest stressors...

These are a Capricorn’s biggest stressors...

You’re not alone, Cappie: us Sea Goats are prone to some of life’s biggest woes a lot more than other signs. Here are the top Capricorn stressors (and what to do about them).

- Moodiness. This simply cannot be helped – Capricorns are prone to emotional disorders and often turn to unhealthy “quick fixes” for relief (alcohol, risky but fun activities, impulse spending). While you can’t avoid bad moods, you can take up exercise and other healthy outlets to help you cope.
- Over-thinking. Capricorns need to avoid obsessing over things, especially other people’s problems.
- Balancing responsibilities and desires. It’s hard for us to have a healthy mix of doing what we have to do and doing what we want.
- Relating to peers. Capricorns tend to relate better to their elders, so working with or being in relationships with people their own age or younger can be a struggle.
- Pressure to be more outgoing. Capricorns have a rich inner life, and always need to new goal to pursue. They can get very distressed when others expect them to do more extroverted, out-there things or if they are limited in their ambitions. Just repeat after me: You Are Enough.

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