Things every Virgo has done to ruin a date...

Things every Virgo has done to ruin a date...

Ever been on a nightmare date, Virgo? Sorry to say it, but you might have had a lot to do with it if you did any of these common Virgo date blunders. Oops! I know I have done all of these, and more than I want to admit. What about you?

1. Being too cautious. You can be a total buzzkill if you’re not up for a little adventure and fun.
2. Clamming up. Yes, you can be shy. But if you don’t interact and open up, your date will think you’re a dud.
3. Being overly critical. Don’t find and point out flaws... focus on positives in everything, from the food to the people around you to your date’s commentary.
4. Checking your phone. Put that device away. You may think it makes you look important... your date thinks you're being rude. Work emails, especially, can wait!

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