How each Moon messes up a Capricorn’s life...

How each Moon messes up a Capricorn’s life...

Moon madness: fact or fiction? As rational as I am, Full Moons especially seem to make people act stranger than usual. The Moon passes through each sign for about two and a half days every month (more specifically, every 28-day cycle). So, what happens to you when it’s in each sign? Here’s what to expect...

Aries: You’re rushing around like a headless chicken.
Taurus: One step forward... two steps back. Frustrating.
Gemini: You either look a mess or feel a mess or both.
Cancer: You’re a know-it-all.
Leo: It’s you vs. all those in power.
Virgo: To get things done, you have to use methods you’re unsettled by.
Libra: Your manipulation methods get a boost... this can be good or bad.
Scorpio: You’re more cold and cruel, both to yourself and others.
Sagittarius: Watch your spending!
Capricorn: Things work out only to fall apart soon after.
Aquarius: There’s a chill in every interaction with loved ones.
Pisces: Everyone seems out to get you... and they might be.

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