How each type of Moon affects Virgo's moods...

How each type of Moon affects Virgo's moods...

I am a firm believer in “Moon madness.” Are you? The Moon passes through each sign for about two and a half days every month (more specifically, every 28-day cycle). So, what happens to you when it’s in each sign? Here’s what to expect...

Aries: You are way too bossy and can rub others the wrong way.
Taurus: Your grand ideas take a turn for the impractical.
Gemini: You might become lazy and even sloppy.
Cancer: You become needy.
Leo: Drama, drama, drama!
Virgo: Insomnia at best, panic attacks at worst.
Libra: You have a tendency to nag.
Scorpio: Your usual routines seem silly or sub-par.
Sagittarius: You have no patience (and things take forever to happen).
Capricorn: How others see you and how you feel are out of synch.
Aquarius: Details don’t matter so much... you’re exhausted.
Pisces: You are needy, but nothing offered is good enough.

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