Sags have the best life purpose of all signs…

Sags have the best life purpose of all signs…

They call Sagittarius natives lucky. Oh yes, we are! As the sign of the Archer, we need a target, and for us, that target is very specific: to explore all kinds of horizons, mentally, physically and spiritually.

As the nomad and philosopher of the Zodiac, Sagittarius finds joy in searching for meaning while doing spiritual searching. New places, new faces and new adventures are what our tireless minds need in order to feel fulfilled.

As we explore the world, we spread the joy and playfulness we find along our paths. That is the true Archer life purpose for us. You are on the right life path if…

- You read or write.
- You love to travel.
- You keep your options open.
- You share your wisdom with others.
- You are constantly learning new things.
- You find the silver lining in everything.
- You are up for exploring new things and ideas.

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