Make a relationship work with any sign – here’s how!

Make a relationship work with any sign – here’s how!

Some signs are “good” matches and others “bad” with Aquarius. I call BS. Not everyone of one sign is exactly the same! But we do all have general personality traits in common, so I chatted with the love experts here and came up with advice for how an Aquarius can make a relationship thrive with ANY sign.

Aries: Let them be in charge on things that really aren’t that important for you to take the lead on.
Taurus: Be OK with your own solo interests and activities. You don’t need to be joined at the hip.
Gemini: Keep in the the friend zone, meaning spend a lot of time with mutual friends/group dates.
Cancer: Give them regular reminders that you care, even more so when you can’t spend time with them.
Leo: Flattery will get you almost anywhere, and so will biting your tongue when they’re being annoying.
Virgo: Find things you both enjoy and plan dates that get them to be social yet respects their comfort zone.
Libra: Be light-hearted and let it go when they act self-centered or vain.
Scorpio: Address issues immediately and directly. Never seek outside distraction from conflict within your relationship.
Sagittarius: Don’t get stuck in a rut nor jealous or insecure about each other’s separate interests.
Capricorn: Let them set as much structure in place as you’re comfortable with. Be honest but respectful.
Aquarius: Encourage each other’s positives and help each other not to dwell on negatives.
Pisces: Find shared goals related to making the world a better place and work toward them together.

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