The uniqueness of the Sagittarius bride…

The uniqueness of the Sagittarius bride…

Adventurous, unique and fun are the words that describe the wedding a Sagittarian bride would choose to have. The typical church and dinner are just so passé and definitely not our style! The ideas down below are more like it. Read on…

Venue: An open-air or out-of-the-ordinary setting, or exotic destination.
Invitations: A postcard of one of your travels.
Dress: Pick a bold and sassy design and make sure it is comfortable.
Music: A rock-n-roll band or electronic music DJ.
Food: Buffet style so your guests can mingle.
Flowers: White tulips.
Guest list: The more the merrier.
Avoid: Doing anything too risky!
Extra tip: Please, do not invite your hundreds of exes. As cool as you might think your other half is with it, it’s just not the nicest thing to do.

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