Crab, tap into your sign's stoic alter ego…

Crab, tap into your sign's stoic alter ego…

You would think that Cancer natives have nothing in common with Capricorns, but that is actually not true at all. Capricorns are family oriented, traditional and hard-working folks, just like us!

We all have the Goat’s qualities inside of us, which can be very useful. Capricorn’s responsibility, discipline, self-control and ambition can get us out of trouble and help us cope with hard times. When life gets tough and you feel like retreating into your shell and never come out of it again, call on your inner Cappie’s stoic strength, authority and dark sense of humor.

Like Capricorns do, focus more on yourself and stop focusing so much on others. Instead of hiding, dissolve any kind of anxiety you might be feeling by taking action, taking command and deflecting the slings and arrows. Like your Cappie stoic alter ego does, hold no fear in your veins, Crab!

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