Leo’s cool alter ego has your back when you need it…

Leo’s cool alter ego has your back when you need it…

Would you believe me if I told you there is an Aquarius within you, Leo? Yes, that’s right! The sign of the Water Bearer is our opposite in the Zodiac wheel, meaning we have those positive qualities at our disposal when we need them the most.

Want to put them to use? Here are a few tricks:

• Aquarius is a very progressive, original and independent sign, characteristics that would go along perfectly and would boost your amazing creativity if channeled right.
• Aquarius is a very generous sign, just like Leo. The difference is that Aquarians are also good at guarding themselves by adopting a cautious personal approach. Once they really know you, they will open-up.
• This subdued sign can also teach you how to tone down your emotional melodrama. Aquarians are masters at hiding and controlling their emotions. When you feel like you’re about to explode, adopt an intellectual point of view to your current situation.
• When you’re feeling stressed, instead of partying all night and surrounding yourself with people, draw your inner Aquarius and take some time alone to be with yourself. It will rejuvenate you!

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