The bad habit Libras need to avoid at all costs...

The bad habit Libras need to avoid at all costs...

Libra... the epitome of grace, beauty, and kindness. How wonderful it is to be all this and more! But, Libra, you have one ugly habit that isn’t doing you or anyone else worthy of you any favors. You tend to be too passive.

Passivity is bad for several reasons. First, people can walk all over you and take advantage of your willingness to let them take the lead. Second, you end up depriving yourself of your preferences and desires. Third, it misleads people to interact with you in ways you do not like, simply because they don’t know any better. And finally, in places like work and situations where you need to be confident and outspoken, you can lose out, big time.

So, how to ditch this bad habit? Baby steps. Work on being more decisive, even if that means thinking something over in great detail before you’re confronted with making the choice. Reassure yourself that you’re smart, willing, and able to do what’s best for you. And then... go for it!

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