See immediate health benefits doing these, Virgo...

See immediate health benefits doing these, Virgo...

Getting healthy can be a long-term effort, but there are subtle things you can do right now to improve your wellness. Here are some tips specifically to help Virgos look and feel their best...

1. Cut back on spicy, acidic, fried foods. Your body is a somewhat delicate temple, so simple, fresh foods and mild herbs are best.
2. To ward off a whole slew of ailments, from insomnia to skin conditions to hair loss, eat more dark leafy greens, yogurt, almonds, bananas, whole grains, and lemons.
3. Use honey or agave nectar instead of basic sugar.
4. Try yoga and tai chi for exercise.
5. Get out in the sun (wear SPF!)
6. Get more sleep, even if that means waking up a bit later or going to bed 30 minutes earlier. Naps can help, too.

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