Which Lion are you in Chinese astrology?

Which Lion are you in Chinese astrology?

Both, western astrology (solar cycles) and Chinese astrology (lunar cycles) are already interesting. When we combine these two, our profile is even more fascinating. Find out who you are under this Solar-Lunar combination:

Leo Rat: You are extremely magnetic.
Leo Ox: You are the ultimate expert!
Leo Tiger: You are the king or queen of any jungle.
Leo Rabbit: You have many talents.
Leo Dragon: You are innovative and ambitious.
Leo Snake: You are flamboyant!
Leo Horse: You are extremely intelligent.
Leo Goat: You have genius potential.
Leo Monkey: You are vivacious and magical.
Leo Rooster: You are brilliant.
Leo Dog: You are tenacious.
Leo Pig: You are a life connoisseur.

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