This is the thing that Aquarians fear the most...

This is the thing that Aquarians fear the most...

Spiders? Nah. Death? It’s inevitable. Heights? Please! The thing Aquarians fear most might not even really have occurred to you... Our biggest fear is that we will end up not being true to ourselves.

Just think about it: what is at the core of most of your day to day anxiety? Even if it seems like the issue is a horrible boss or health issue or troubles paying your bills, essentially the anxiety results from you not feeling like you are being the real YOU.

For example, your boss might be a jerk, but what bothers you most is his limiting your potential for growth and happiness at work. You might have a debilitating illness, so you fear not being able to do all you want to do. Your bills stack up and you can’t afford what makes you happy.

So, do yourself a favor and live more in the moment. Learn to appreciate the little things you CAN do every day that fulfill your deepest sense of purpose and pride. We are all weighed down by things we cannot control, but you, dear Aquarius, are too special not to embrace your innate goodness in any ways you can!

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