How to deal with Pluto’s retrograde motion…

How to deal with Pluto’s retrograde motion…

The last two weeks have been really hard for Scorpios. If like me, you are one of those who have been barely staying afloat, it means you are being heavily affected by two major aspects.

The first was a strong clash between our two rulers, powerful Mars and impulsive Pluto are as if the two sides of our personality were having a constant battle inside of us. Can you feel it?

If you are wondering if things will get better, you must know that they might get worse before that. Pluto, our modern ruler, goes retrograde until late September. When Pluto retrogrades, its powers become more intense and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others.

On the positive side, we have a golden opportunity to release what is outdated and no longer serves us. Whether this means emotions, patterns, objects, thoughts or even people, we must let them go.

During the next four months, our powers of investigation and observation do become stronger. What is it that you have to release in order to grow? The answer is within you!

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