A love letter to my perfect Virgo pals...

A love letter to my perfect Virgo pals...

Darling Virgo,
I just wanted to remind you how much I treasure you, Virgos. We let life take over and sometimes we aren’t the best at saying how we feel out loud, but oh my, we do feel it! Why do I love you, sweet Virgos?

Virgo, you never miss a thing. You notice all the little beautiful things that others don’t. And all those flaws? You notice them too, but know how to apply simple tweaks and make them positive.

My fair Virgo, your beauty is so true because it comes from inside and radiates out of you. You’re humble and understated… never over-rated.

So, always remember, because you are a Virgo and of that you should be proud… a Virgo is the best to have around. Remember that each day – your best friend is YOU, so always be kind.

No one compares to you,

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