Sagittarians find their religion here...

Sagittarians find their religion here...

Sagittarius is a very spiritual sign in itself, so it’s natural they seek to enrich their lives with some sort of belief system or religion. So, which one is best for Archers?

There’s no one-fits-all choice. Sagittarians should explore all sorts of mysticism before deciding which to follow. And, if you’re like most Archers, you will change your belief system multiple times in your life, relying on what makes most sense for your current circumstances.

You’re no flake, though. Unlike a Gemini, who altogether abandons a belief that no longer interests them, you remain partially invested.

So, maybe Buddhism is just a passing fancy, but you still have deep respect in those beliefs. You learn a lot from anything that connects you with the spirit, and carry those lesson into the next soul-renewal. Now that’s something anyone can respect!

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