Libra women are big flirts with even bigger hearts...

Libra women are big flirts with even bigger hearts...

Seductive, charming, romantic, dreamy, generous... these are all words to describe Libra ladies. It’s no wonder why Libras are least likely to be single and lonely.

If a Libra woman is single, it is usually because she chooses to be so or isn’t meeting anyone amazing. And that’s smart – Libra women should never, ever settle because they are SUCH great catches. Why?

Let me fill you in on the things Libra women do best when they love someone...
• She loves to lavish her loved ones with little (and big) luxuries, from their favorite foods (oh, how she can cook and bake!) to small trinkets of affection.
• She creates a beautiful scene wherever she takes you. It’s because of her lovely energy – she can transform even the direst environment into a place that feels good.
• She remembers the little finishing touches that make all the difference. You never knew you needed something so small until a Libra points it out – and a Libra woman in love sure will!

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