This is the biggest challenge that all Geminis face...

This is the biggest challenge that all Geminis face...

Geminis think big, but we love even bigger. Unfortunately, usually our head and heart tell us different things. These mixed messages often result in us giving up on something too soon, or overthinking to the point of driving ourselves crazy!

So, how to unite your head and heart? Try this the next time they are at odds...
1. On a piece of paper, make two columns. On the left column, write the header “I think”. On the right, write “I feel”.
2. Give yourself a minute to focus deeply on the matter in question.
3. Begin with your rational thoughts in the I Think column – write down everything you brain is telling you about this. Then focus more on your emotions and instincts, and write down how you feel in the right column.
4. Consider each item on the left column and try to find common links between it and one or more on the right. You no doubt will find lots of crossover... cluing you in that maybe you’re not so torn after all.

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