Learn all about your Taurus child’s unique traits...

Learn all about your Taurus child’s unique traits...

What a joy it is to not only be a Taurus, but to have a Taurus child! In addition to the standard Bull traits, there are several other things that sets your kid apart from the rest!

1. They need fewer friends. Your little Bull is so independent and has a rich inner life, so they only need a couple special pals that totally get them. Don’t be concerned if they seem like a loner – they can enjoy their own company just fine.
2. They play by the rules – THEIRS. Your Bull babe is stubborn at an early age, determined to do things their own way.
3. When they want something, they will get it. Unlike most kids, Taurian tots are patient and calculating... when they have their heart set on something, it’s as good as theirs.
4. They need to be given ample opportunities to explore their creative interests and play outdoors. Without enough time to do these, they will feel stressed.

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