Born at the beginning or end of Virgo? You’re on the cusp!

Born at the beginning or end of Virgo? You’re on the cusp!

If you were born on the very first or last day of Virgo, you’re “on the cusp” of the sign next to it. If you were born within 3 days of your sign’s start/end dates, you still qualify as a “cusp Virgo”. You probably have a mix of both sign’s characteristics! Read your cusp profile...

Leo-Virgo (August 23-25): You are quite the cosmic clash, so your life might be quite stormy. You probably struggle to find a good balance between your dramatic, out-there, attention-loving side and your independent, solitude-loving, practical side. Either way, you are hardworking and successful, you just need to learn how to handle your personal demons. And, since you’re so smart, no doubt you can and will!

Virgo-Libra (September 20-22): You are, quite simply, beautiful - inside and out. This combo of energies is an artistic masterpiece! You’re an extremely romantic individual, and love to love and be loved. Your generosity and thoughtfulness make you easy to fall for... as a friend, lover, go-to colleague, even a celebrity! While you might be gorgeous and adore beautiful things, you are anything but superficial! It’s all about quality and thoughtfulness with you.

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