Born at the beginning or end of Taurus? You’re on the cusp!

Born at the beginning or end of Taurus? You’re on the cusp!

If you were born on the very first or last day of Taurus, you might not feel like you’re much of a Bull at all, and that’s because you’re “on the cusp” or almost in the sign next to it. Actually, if you were born within 3 days of your sign’s start/end dates, you still qualify as a “cusp Taurus”. You probably have a mix of both sign’s characteristics. You’re very special, and deserve a proper cusp sign profile, so here it goes...

Aries-Taurus (April 20-22): You’re extremely powerful and determined. Your confidence makes you a fierce competitor, and you rarely back down when you think you’re right or really want something. You were born to lead and teach others. You’re business-savvy and an asset to any company. You’re also very funny, strong, and dependable, making you a rock-solid mate once you’ve committed to someone.

Taurus-Gemini (May 18-20): You’re young at heart and have abundant energy, both mentally and physically. You’re incredibly adaptable and sharp, making you a success in any area you know and care a lot about. You want it all, which can sometimes lead to burnout, so you need to learn your limits. You have lots of adoring friends and are truly the life of any party.

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